answer questions for discussion below strategic management

View the illustrative cartoon regarding the Amazon Supermarket

Recently, Amazon announced that it would become heavily engaged in food sales (aka “Supermarket”). This story is covered in detail on all the major networks.

Post a clear and logical response io the following, providing specific examples to support your answers.

  • Research further into this topic and consider the strategic implications of this monumental announcement. What will be the impact on companies like Giant, Acme, Aldi, Red Lion, etc.?
  • Do you anticipate small Mom-and-Pop grocery stores to be adversely impacted?
  • Are there any opportunities here for the major grocery retail chains or the major food distributors?
  • Could this situation also have any potential international implications? Explain

Respond to 2 other students posts that I send you in a manner that is thought provoking and appropriately challenges or elevates the discussion.

I will send posts from other students

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