Art Discussion Questions difference between public and private art is the artist s mindset writing homework help

This is a discussion assignment, requirement below:

Question 1: please share your thoughts on the difference between public and private art – you might discuss purpose, materials, scale – whatever you choose and please try to include an example or two. The best way to include an image in these threads is to use the “INSERT/EDIT IMAGE” tool on the toolbar above – it is the third one from the left on the last line!

Here is the post from other student, you can take a look and use it as sample.

I think a big difference between public and private art is the artist’s mindset. For example, it is difficult for me to give away or sell a painting that I did not intentionally make to give away. However, I have no problem giving someone a piece of art that I intended to make for them. I think that when an artist intentionally makes their art public, they somewhat remove themselves in order to make the piece more relatable to viewers. This allows their message to reach their audience more effectively. Also, public art is usually large scale and on buildings or found objects. I think the goal of public art is to capture people’s attention, make them think and to create beauty. In the arts district of Charlotte, NC there is an entire building painted with grayscale images. This building perfectly captures the unique way that public art draws emotions out of its viewers. For me, this building always makes me laugh and smile.

Question 2:
In this introductory thread, I would like to begin a discussion I hope we continue throughout the course – how different cultures portray beauty depending on time and place. Here is the Venus of Willendorf (also mentioned in audiolecture and in Chapter One). As you have learned, she may be up to 25,000 years old and is a small artifact that would have been portable for her nomadic tribe. What are your thoughts on why she is a force of beauty for that time and place? they did not name her “venus” of course, but many other images since her have been given that name or are also thought of as representations of beauty – what are some of these and in what ways do they represent what was important to that culture, time and place?

Here is the post from other student:

The Venus of Willendorf is a representation of what wealth and attraction looked like in these centuries .This had evolved over time. I think that the breasts and lower abdomen were amplified because these are what make a woman fertile. I also believe that she was made to be bigger because previous standards in the past that the bigger you were the more money you had. You were well fed and could afford to live a life of luxury. The image with the woman’s head might suggest why there is no face and what seems to be a headdress or possibly a wig that was worn during that time. The same body shape is seen throughout many artifacts with the name Venus.

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